The Art of Persuasion Marketing

A conversation for fools?

“Our ROIs are around 10%; why do I need Once Upon A Time!”

That was the reaction! Facts and figures are all they want to see! The numbers will persuade them!

The problem was the numbers didn’t! On their own they were not enough to set them apart, they just didn’t tell the story. You see context is everything…

The Psychology Behind Stories:
The human mind is a complex beast. In terms of the way we process data the ability to add human narratives alters the perception of the message.

As humans we are “prewired” into anchoring information with what is familiar. This allows us to better relate to the information. As such a series of sterile facts tend to have much less of an impact and mask the story.

If you can paint pictures, particularly if they directly relate to a person’s expectations, you create a powerful method of persuasion.

Storytelling and visualisation to convey a message is as old as time. From the parables to proverbs it surrounds us.

It is important to constantly look to weave narratives into all aspect of the marketing process. In working with us we emphasise:

  • Storytelling through copywriting
  • Visual storytelling combination of video and or pictures
  • Scrolltelling, combining the above elements on a web page

Let Me Tell You A Story

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