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Alice, Why would you leave wonderland?

The system “is rigged”! 

That’s right. The practice of looking for new clients now works against you.

As we have moved further into the digital age, power and control have shifted away from you and now lay squarely in the hands of big tech.

Losing Control of Prospect Discovery

Using the cloak of privacy concerns to skew the debate to their advantage, companies, such as Facebook or Google, have effectively hijacked the process. In today’s interactive world, to prospect effectively, you invariably have to use them. The problem is, to do so, you have to play by their, continually changing, rules.

Thes result is, the ability to identify and communicate with potential prospects is far more limited than it should be. In effect, you often just end up rent the right to communicate. They can, and do adjust or even turn off the ‘tap’ while increasing the cost of doing business.

Redefining The Prospect Discovery Process 

Without a properly thought out process, your business can quickly become hostage to their whims. This is why we carefully design the way we build and develop frameworks for prospecting that we wrest back some control. Providing you with a structure that will deliver prospects a leads over the long term.

  • Develop a prospecting framework
  • Levelling up & tactical lead generation
  • Multi-channel approach
prospect discovery

“I need more leads!” | Lead Management

“I need more leads!”

Do you though?

Of course, everything is dependent on where you are as a business. But more often than not companies when we show them how many dormant or underdeveloped leads they have.

Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunities are everywhere. Internal marketing is one of the richest areas of discovering  lost opportunities. Whether they have been deemed spent  discounted or not considered at all you probably have more potential prospects than you realise.

Quite often a business is sitting on a goldmine and doesn’t realise. Much comes down the processes and funnels used for handling leads. Careful management and operations can drastically improve your conversion rate and maximise your marketing budget

We do this we build and put into place processes and mechanisms that produce a sales not just now but in the long term.

About the pen and paper. Write down, as concisely as you can, what you are trying to say and who you are trying to say it to and give us a call. The next coffee will be on us.

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