Personalisation Marketing

Speaking to the individual amongst the crowd

"What's in A Name?..."

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”!

Sadly for Juliet, the name was of significant importance, and so it is for your business if you want to to see better returns from  your marketing spend.

Speaking to a crowd is not the most efficient way to communicate. Treating the members of that crowd as individuals produce far more successful results.
Over the years we have found that using personalisation marketing efforts produces a 4.5 better return than marketing without personalisation
But personalisation is more [goes further] than just being a name that can be “called out”. 

Hyper Personalisations:

The most effective personalisation goes much deeper. The more you know about your potential prospect, the more you can craft your message both in content and approach, directly to them.

Just being able to address a person by name is now not enough. Understanding their business or needs makes any approach much more valuable.  If you can combine this with the correct tone, you can exponentially increase your success.

What do we mean by tone? As humans, we are complex beings. The reactions of individuals to the same can be very diverse.  Shaping the message to suit different personality traits can drastically improve the response of the prospect.

The Question Is, Is Hyper Personalisation  Scalable?

You can conduct hyper-personalisation on several different levels, scaling through them as your message sequences progress.

The initial level that you use itself depends on two key factors. Firstly, the scope of the data you are using will determine the level of personalisation possible. Secondly, there is the delivery heuristics,  which will allow you to disseminate your message in the right way to the individual.

Through prospect interaction to the messages, you can scale up the level of personalisation used in future communications.

We have vast experience in both data gathering and building custom algorithms for delivery heuristics for campaigns.

Personalisation Marketing Services

It all starts with the prospect. What you can achieve with marketing personalisation obviously depends on the data at hand. However, even with the most basic data, you can start to build out customisation that can be built on through your marketing sequence.

But our skills in utilising personalisation marketing go much further: 

  • Creating a sequenced narrative that draws in further data

  • In-depth prospecting

  • Building custom personalisation algorithms for content

  • Personalised media, video and landing pages

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