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Preventing 2+2=5

First off you need to get a coffee, milk no sugar for me, then grab a pen and a pad and let’s talk!

No, its only going to take a couple of minutes to read this but what we want you to do change how you think.

At this point, you probably want/expect to hear how we do Facebook advertising, social media management etc etc etc…

Sorry to disappoint

Following the current marketing narrative and employing the latest availability heuristic is why a lot of businesses marketing efforts end in disappointment.

It is amazing how the immediacy of information on the current internet marketing trends can completely distort the reality of their effectiveness. 

Digital Marketing

Short Circuit the Marketing Carousel

It is time to sidestep the normal digital marketing playbook. It is not just about the fact that on the one hand, you could have underwhelming campaigns, or on the other, you could also lose control of aspects of your business. 

It sounds dramatic but this is no exaggeration. It might come as a shock but whoever you employ is likely to cede large amounts of control to of your business to third parties. You are entering or playing a game where the rules are made by others and are constantly changing.

Giving you back control 

In any work that we undertake we try to have two clear objectives. Firstly to ensure that you retain control of your destiny and secondly that 

I don’t know about you but I would feel that we were not doing our job properly if campaign success was not repeatable over the long term.

We do this we build and put into place processes and mechanisms that are repeatable and will generate sales not just now but in the long term.

About the pen and paper. Write down, as concisely as you can, what you are trying to say and who you are trying to say it to and give us a call. The next coffee will be on us.

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